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Sensory Integration

What is Sensory Processing Disorder and how can OTs help?

What is Sensory Processing Disorder? and what is all this talk about how OT's work with Sensory Integration with children?

As an occupational therapist I see children every day that have been diagnosed somewhere on the autism spectrum, or with sensory issues as well as Down syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays and many other disabilities as well.

The TreeHouse London Party & Daniel’s Appt with Ian Jordan in Glasgow.

Well this has been one extremely busty week!! I feel as though my feet did not touch the ground! Daniel started the week off with a really good session with his Speech and Language Therapist on Monday. And Matthew joined in and repeated some of the words and was really good at taking things in turns so that both boys got some therapy!! It was lovely to watch them happily play together, particularly as the previous week Daniel had been totally turned off to the SALT and did not want to join in any therapy at all.

Daniel has an Appointment with Ian Jordan, Expert in Orthoscopics!!

Dear All. I am sooooo excited!!! I spent an hour on the telephone last night with the rather wonderful Ian Jordan, the leading clinician in the field of Orthoscopics, based in Ayr near Glasgow, Scotland. We discussed Daniel in great depth. I only found out about Ian and his work because he contacted me to ask if he could be a regular contributor to The LIME Magazine. Of course I jumped at the chance and said yes, and the first article authored by Ian is in the June Issue of The LIME The article is so interesting.


My son was diagnosed with autism in January 2009 and turned 3 in October 2009. He generally cannot feed himself except for finger foods/snacks that he likes such as Lays potato chips. He also does not like to chew so we have to blend most of his food and spoon feed him. Once in March of this year, I worked with him for a week to teach him how to hold a spoon and feed himself. It worked! He could feed himself rice and even his GFCF hot cereal (he usually made a big mess with the latter). Then around May, he just stopped and it has been very sporadic since then.

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Reaching Sensory Processing ...

So frequently, sensory processing disorders, ADHD to autism, are addressed through a variety of behavioral and biochemical approaches; this can result in the significance of the biomechanical aspects of these conditions being underestimated.

Autistic Kids Go to The Extreme

Sensory overload is the Goal at Doug Gilstrap's Extreme Sports Camp located in the Aspen-Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.