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Environmental Toxins

EPIGENETICS? Can A New Science Finally Prove Autism's Causes?

Standing on a soap box and calling out, "It's Thimerosal, it's Vaccines, it's Pesticides, it's Mercury from coal burning power plants," without the "Evidence of Harm" to back up such accusations only causes our cries to fall on deaf ears and discredits our point. Especially when the Parma companies, politicians and industry leaders lay back on their laurels and say "There is no conclusive evidence."
But all that is about to change.



The BP Gulf oil catastrophe is not the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, contrary to news headlines. The hugeness of the blow-out captures our attention, but the worst pollution actually takes place here in our ordinary lives, in hardly-noticed events that add up day after day.

Kvetching about Sick Children

Kvetching about Sick Children

Why do we write about, talk about, meet about and, in general, complain about children’s chronic illnesses in the U.S. when statistics show that, year by year, we Americans are living to an ever riper old age?

That’s a favorite gotcha question, usually employed by defenders of the right to pollute and intended to squash or at least minimize the impact of the damage we describe. Sometimes, though, it can be an honest question posed by someone really wanting to learn. So, it’s worth thinking about.

how do you determine what to throw away when your child is toxic?

I just got the news that Zane has toxic levels (95th percentile) of mercury, lead, alluminum, arsenic, and two others I cant spell. He cant get rid of anything he is exposed to, and we know he has had recent exposure. Does anyone have any experience on how you figure out how to make our envirionment safe for him, is it . Is there anyone that can come to your house and test everything? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated

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