Daniel Had His Hair Cut Today & Has Been Very Chirpy This Afternoon and Done Well With His Prescribed Drinks.

I had been getting a bit twitchy about preparing for this morning, because it is always difficult taking poor little Daniel to have his hair cut as he hates it so much. But I shouldn't have worried so much this time. He coped much better this time than he ever has before. I guess maybe he is getting a little used to it. And Matthew went first too, so that may have helped. Matthew was as good as gold. He just sat on my lap with the cape wrapped around him and looked around with his big brown eyes. He didn't flinch or try and wriggle away. He was excellent. Then it was Daniel's turn. He sat on my lap, minus the cape, as that would really freak him out, and had his bottle of juice to comfort him. I tried not to hold him, so he didn't feel restrained, but had to stop him from wriggling a bit and whichever way the hairdresser tried to cut Daniel moved his head the other way, so she had her work cut out!! I think it was the quickest and roughest cut ever, but as his hair is so shaggy and curly, it won't show if it's not quite even! As soon as she had finished cutting, Daniel was back to his old cheerful self and chasing his little brother round the salon, much to the amusement of everyone else. I have been going to this hairdresser since I was 16, so 20 years!! and they are lovely girls and always welcome my family. So all in all it was much less stress than I had built it up in my mind to be!

Yesterday I started Daniel on Tru Fiber and a Probiotic imported in from USA as a new attempt to cure his chronic constipation and bloatedness. I tried the GF/CF diet for 8 months and that didn't work. These supplements are designed with Autistic children in mind and are disolvable in juice or milk. So I just mix them in his milk and they are flavourless and not thickening. He doesn't notice and has had both supplements with no problems over the last 24hrs. And it may just be a coincidence, but this afternoon and this evening Daniel has drunk more fluid, drunk an extra Prescribed Milk (which is his nutritional intake as he doesn't eat food, so that is like having an extra meal) and he has passed more wind!! So I am hoping and praying that this is having an effect already! If it is then that is absolutely fantastic. Because I must say, it is not cheap importing this stuff from the US!! And there doesn't seem to be anything similar in the UK. But if we can solve Daniel's problems with this I will be over the moon. Because I hate to think of him being uncomfortable and unable to communicate that. He was even much happier and chirpier this afternoon. Running around the house laughing and playing with toys and interacting with Matthew. It was lovely.

We have revamped our Digby & Sprout shop and website - with Sensory Rooms on a Budget. This is very exciting. Finally it looks so professional, and we can serve families with children with special needs without ripping them off and make sensory aids so much more accessible to all. I am thrilled. The LIME is also doing good and has excellent content lined up and is set to be THE Resource for ALL families with children with Special Needs. I am working flat out to secure excellent contributors and make it exactly what people in my position would WANT to read and would find REALLY Useful. Because that is what we need. So wish me luck. And let's hope we manage to make a difference to lots of families across the UK, USA & Canada.

Sally www.limemag.co.uk and www.digbyandsprout.co.uk and www.ict4autism.org

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Getting Their Hair Cut

Boy that story brought back memories for me!! I used to cut my son's hair while he slept; it was always uneven in the morning!! Plus I always had hair in his bed!!
But I wanted to share this therapy with you as it worked like a charm and now Tommy who is 11 walks in and has his hair cut like everyone else!! (He will be kinda vocal when they mist his hair for the cut or if they nick him, he'll let them know!) But I went to a physical therapist who specialized in head messages. We went about 6-7 times (once/twice a week) and we would go into a small room, lights dimmed, soft music would play and she would give him a head message (I was sooo jealous, as it looked sooo soothing) anyway, he loved it and now I can comb his hair and all is good!

Head Massages

Wow thanks for that! Sounds great!! I have had a few Indian Head Massages myself and they are absolutely wonderful. So soothing that you almost fall asleep. Really relaxing. Maybe that could be the way to go. To try and relax him a little first. I have been advised to try brushing Daniel's arms and back with a surgical brush to give him nice deep pressure and he does respond well to that. So maybe I will give your idea a try too!

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