First day at the Magic Kingdom

We got a later start than I had planned because this was the one night a month that Kyle was up at 3:30am and stayed up. Today was hot and I thought it was crowded. This is off-peak,and isn't there supposed to be a recession? Not at Disney.
We purchased our tickets at the ticket office not wanting to spend more time going to Shades of Green to save on the taxes. We went to city hall and got a guest services card for Kyle. All I said was "I have a child with autism and would like to get the special pass" and they gave it to me. The first place we went was the Hall of Presidents - and it broke during our show. Then the kids and I went on Splash Mountain and got soaked. It felt good since it was so hot already.
The kids and I went on lots of rides and Peter Pan, Pooh and Buzz twice. Ella liked Peter Pan the best (I think because Kyle's therapist said she liked that one the best). I liked Buzz and the Monsters Inc show (which Kyle slept though).
Kyle was a real trooper. It was hot and he was dead tired by early afternoon. We went on all the rides I had marked as "must do" and headed out around 4pm. Kyle requested the Aladdin Magic Carpet ride (like Dumbo but carpets) for one last ride.
Ella and I went back for the Spectromagic Parade and the fireworks. It was just a little over-the-top for me, but Ella loved it, of course. It took us an hour to get back after the evening festivities. Kyle was sleeping and it didn't take long for Ella to fall asleep too.
Tomorrow we are heading to Disney Hollywood Studios.

God, I would love to do this

God, I would love to do this with Candace!! But I think she would be tasered on the plane ride over!! It seems impossible!!


I couldn't take Jordan on a plane for 6 years, for fear of a meltdown, one day it did happen.

A Bug's Life in 3-D

Be careful about A Bug's Life in 3-D in the theater. It's loud and a big sensory experience. We had to "exit stage left" tout de suite! I hope they are letting you up in the lines.


Kyle figured out the 3-D. He kept on the glasses for the Toy Story ride because nothing came at him. But, he took them off again for the Muppet 3-D movie. I think he knows his limits!