Making Lip Balm

It's that time of year in the midwest - the heat is cranked up, the house is drying up, every touch gives you an electric shock and your lips are soooo chapped.
A couple of years ago I bought a lip balm making kit and it sat on the shelf until Sunday.
My 6-year-old daughter, Ella, was very excited about this project to make lip balm. I was happy to see that it really was not that complicated a project.
We filled a shallow pan with about an inch of water and let it start to boil. Then in a small mason jar we put the ingredients - beeswax, shea butter and almond oil. We put the jar in the boiling water and stirred until it was melted. Then we added a little pepermint flavoring and a tiny shaving from a good quality lipstick for a little color and mixed it all together.
Then we poured the hot mixture into tubes and pots. We had to stick it back in the water a few times to remelt. The batch we made was 2 pots and 3 tubes. It looks like we can make about 4 more batches with the ingredients included in the kit.
It was a lot of fun and only took about a half hour. Now I have enough of "Ella's Beautiful Bunny Balm" around the house. (we buy our stevia for tea here too)


How fun! Brooklynn would so

How fun! Brooklynn would so love to do this!!!

I love it!

What a great idea to make lip balm!