In Spanish: Autism 101 - Today's Biomedical Treatments

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In Spanish: Autism 101 - Today's Biomedical Treatments
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Kerri Rivera

founded Autism02, a Defeat Autism Now!-based non-profit autism clinic in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Under Kerri's full-time direction, the clinic specializes in treating children of low-income families at no charge. Kerri was responsible for having the DAN! protocol translated to Spanish so that it could be applied throughout Latin America. She is an active Generation Rescue Rescue Angel, a bilingual mentor for Talk About Curing Autism, Autism One's liaison to Mexico, and the Spanish Liasion for the Autism Research Institute's Autism Hotline. Kerri lectures internationally on healing autism through biomedical interventions. Her 9- year-old son, Patrick, is currently in recovery from autism.

Healing Children Through Today's Biomedical Treatments
This presentation, given entirely in Spanish, seeks to prove that "autism is preventable, treatable, and curable" by sharing proven advice on a systemic approach to recovery known as the DAN! protocol. Scientific data, case histories, and stories of recovery will be used to explore the DAN! protocol in depth. Specific instruction will be given on the five main areas: diet, supplements, therapy, chelation, and hyperbarics. This unique presentation will bolster hope and confidence by helping parents understand their role in the their child's path to recovery.

Sanando Autismo atravez de Tratamientos BioMedicos de Hoy
Esta presentacion, impartido en Espanol, compartira consejos sobre la aplicacion del Protocolo DAN! Y quiere comprobar que "Autismo es prevenible, tratable, y curable." Datos scientificos, casos reales, y historias de ninos recuperados serian compartidos para poder explorar en detalle el Protocolo DAN!. La presentacion daria instruccion en los 5 areas basicas: dieta, supplementacion, terapia, chelacion, y hiperbarica. Esta presentacion unica lograra dar esperanza y confianza a los Papas de ninos con autismo ayudandoles a entender su papel en la recuperacion de su hijo.

Lorna Ortiz, PhD

received her PhD in chemical Engineering in 2005 from the University of South Carolina. Dr. Ortiz is the author of the upcoming book Desde el 6 de diciembre, where she relates the process her family has followed to treat their son's autism. She is the president and co-Founder of Curando El Autismo (CEA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to bring parents in Puerto Rico and other countries in Latin America information about available interventions for autism. This organization has been the first one in offering a conference free of charge in Puerto Rico with over 3500 participants including parents, teachers, therapists and medical professionals. This conference brought hope to parents and basic information to physicians/pediatricians about the special care and biomedical treatments for children with autism. This conference will also be held soon in other parts of Latin America including the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.

Since December 6
In this presentation, Lorna will talk in detail about the interventions used for her son and the impact that these interventions had in his progress. She will explain the pathway followed by Lorna and her husband combining ABA therapies and biomedical interventions to treat their son's autism. She will also talk about how they were successful in obtaining insurance coverage for ABA and biomedical treatment.

Desde el 6 de diciembre
En esta presentación, Lorna hablará en detalle acerca de las intervenciones usadas para su hijo y el impacto que tuvieron estas intervenciones en su progreso. Lorna explicará el camino seguido por ella y su esposo combinando terapias ABA e intervenciones biomédicas para tratar el autismo de su hijo. Además hablará sobre como pudieron lograr que el seguro médico cubriera los gastos de terapias ABA al igual que el tratamiento biomédico.

Harry Schneider, MD

received his medical degree from Columbia University and completed his residency at Northwestern University. Dr. Schneider is an Associate Research Scientist in the Functional MRI Research Center of Columbia University. He is in private practice at the Center for Medical and Brain Sciences in Plainview, NY, and uses both conventional medicine and the Defeat Autism Now! approach in his approach to the medical care of children on the spectrum. Dr. Harry Schneider served on the medical staff of North Shore University's Franklin General Hospital and South Nassau Communities Hospital, as well as serving as an Adjunct Professor for Clinical Training in the Family Practice Training Program at SNCH. He has participated in Tropical Medicine Research in Guatemala and Brazil for the World Health Organization and received research support as a Medical/Linguistic Consultant for Transcendent International's bilingual medical software. Dr. Schneider's background is as a linguist, with advanced degrees in language and linguistics, and he speaks multiple languages. He is in the process of obtaining a doctoral degree in speech language pathology.

This lecture will focus on specific aspects of biomedical interventions that are geared to try to restore language function in low-functioning language ASD children. As an adjunct to our using neuromodulation of the brain (using transcranial direct current stimulation), we have found that certain medications and supplements will aid in this process.

La presentacion que pensamos ofrecerles se trata de aspectos especificos de las varias intervenciones biomedicas que se han probado ser beneficiales para restorar el language en ninos con habla minina. Complementando nuestra terapia super-cientifica - usando la estimulacion de las partes del cerebro del nino que no funncionan por el habla - hemos descubierto varias medicinas, suplemementos biomedicos, medicinas que aumentan el poder cognitivo del nino, y otras que directamente afectan la abilidad del habla.