We made it to Orlando

Our trip here was pretty uneventful - so nice. We made it through the security check in Milwaukee easily. I explained that my son had liquids in his bag. He is on a special diet and has some meds along. The TSA agent asked if he had diabetes, I said, no autism - she immediately understood! This is a big difference from San Diego 4 years ago. San Diego TSA has my letter in their training materials - one of those "how could we have handled this situation better" situations.
On the plane Ella was sitting in the middle seat next to me but switched with Kyle for the window. The woman sitting in the window seat next to Kyle was a young mom - her kids and husband behind us. She was not too comfortable sitting next to this odd kid who talked to himself constantly in an unintelligible sing songy voice. He might be weird, but he was very well behaved.
Ella picked out a red car at the car rental and we drove out to our condo. It's huge - we aren't even using one of the bedrooms. It's 10:30 and I think the kids finally fell asleep! Off to the Magic Kingdom in the morning.

Hi Lisa

So wonderful to hear from you......
I love your blog. However, the lady on the plane her behavior makes me sad):
Oh well, what can you do?
Keep us posted...