Windy Weather

Does your Aspergerchild seem irritated and wound up in windy weather? It's a common phenomena in children with Aspergers and Autism, and is caused from the Sensory problems they experience.

The feeling of the wind on their skin and through their hair is constant stimuli, and we know that sensory stimuli is cumulative, so by the afternoon or evening our Asperger children wll have very short fuses - beware of meltdowns. As parents we can do many seemingly impossible things for our children, but sadly, controlling the weather isn't one of them. However, being aware of the extra bother windy days cause your child can be the difference between a managable windy day, and an out-of-control windy day. Enjoy the journey!

Help with placement

My name is Frank Colini I am a Social Worker with the Rutherford County Department of Social Services, located in Rutherford, North Carolina. I am currently working with a thirteen year-old autistic male child. His level of autism would be evaluated as being severe. His first name is Tarry and he is large for his age Tarry is approximately 160 Lbs. and he is approximately 5’ 7” tall. Tarry is non-verbal and he is not potty trained. As with most autistic children Tarry does not accept or deal with change very well. Tarry needs to be placed in an environment that has the ability to address his special requirements. It is imperative that placement be made as soon as possible he does have a tremendously positive personality and the potential to learn. His ability to learn and joyful personality make Tarry the ideal candidate for an environment that places their emphasis on learning and teaching children with such disabilities how to rise to their maximum potential. If you can provide any resources regarding placement opportunities that have the ability to met Tarry’s needs I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. You can contact me with the information requested by using any of the following. On my direct office phone (828) 288-4024, our general office number (828) 287-6165, our fax number (828) 288-4045. Or if it is more convenient you can reach me via e-mail at, Thank you for the time and consideration you have already shown to my request.
Frank Colini, SW. A / I&T
Rutherford County Department of Social Service