Yes, He WILL eat it!

We've been doing special diets since Kyle was 30 months old. We started with GFCF, soon went soy free and potato free - those were 2 of the 30+ items on his food "allergy" test. We did SCD for a year, but he developed a nut allergy and we went back to GFCFSF. After a few years we let up on the grains a bit. He eats a little organic oatmeal and wheat every week. We've settled into a mostly casein free, soy free, preservative free, artifical coloring free, artifical sweetner free, MSG and excito-toxin free very low sugar and I'm sure there are others. Last week at Autism Canada I was talking with moms and saying that Kyle still is SO stimmy - I think it is the yeast that we just cannot seem to kick. I also mentioned that my son is obsessed with french fries and potatoes. Yeah, I guess I have known they were the problem, but I just wanted someone else to tell me that too! Thanks Sonja and Cindy, you kicked me in the butt to remove the potatoes. Since he loves them SO much, I thought I would use them to bribe him to eat some new foods. I was stunned. This week he has eaten broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, avocado, mushrooms and oranges. I had gotten so used to him NOT eating vegetables, I just never offered them anymore - and he did eat them - without gagging! So learn from my mistake - your child WILL eat it...eventually...and "bribes" do help.

Uh oh....

My son OBSESSES over french fries and potato chips. He eats them in the same obsessive way he used to wolf down gluten and high sugar foods...stuffing his mouth and barely coming up for air. And somehow we just know because I have watched him eat french fries and said to myself "this just isn't right, something is wrong here." But I can't put my finger on it because I'm not sure what his reaction is...I'm not seeing a reaction that I can measure after he eats potatoes. But...he eats them daily. You have me wondering what would happen if I took them out.

Sweet potatoes and potatoes

Good going! Sweet potatoes and potatoes were the first thing I took out when we went SCD, and I did notice a difference in behavior. We've more recently noticed a positive difference preparing all vegetable and fruit items from scratch instead of using anything from a bottle or a jar. Therapeutic diet can definitely increase a child's cognitive and comfort levels!

Yeah Mom and Yeah Kyle

Great news!...and yes, bribes do work...keep going! It only gets better from here on in.....

Great to have met you.

Take Care,

Cindy Nickerson