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Medical practitioners perceive autism as a behavioral disorder and often overlook how sick the children really are.

The Doctor is IN with Drs. Bock, Cantor, Rossignol, Yasko and Julie Matthews, CNC

The Doctor is IN with Drs. Bock, Cantor, Rossignol, Yasko and Julie Matthews, CNC
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Detox behaviors??

I need some words of wisdom from parents who have "been there." Our 4-year-old son has been on the GFCF diet for 4 months now, and has shown improvement. In the past 2 weeks I have started to wean him gradually off soy, and have also started to increase the amount of leafy green vegetables (spinach, kale), and other veggies in his diet. I am primarily going with raw foods (fruits and veggies) over cooked.

Medical Management of the Improving Autistic Child

Power Point Presentation By: Mary Megson, MD

Does my child still need 25 supplements a day?
Experienced parents are very knowledgeable and have tried various biological
with their children with autism as they heal. This talk will discuss treatment
of those “almost off the spectrum” kids. Many need support in long term management of
their child’s ongoing biomedical treatment.

The Efficacy of Traditional and ...

To better understand the characteristics of seizures in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we developed a 737-question online Web-based survey.

Interactive Q&A with Leading Physicians and Parents

Join us for a Q&A with a panel of the most published and most successful biomedical experts leading the field of Autism Spectrum Disorders coupled with parents who are actively utilizing biomedical interventions to help their children. Make the most of this rare opportunity and have your questions prepared. You will have the chance to learn from other parents' stories and concern, and have the chance for all these leading physicians weigh in on these issues.

Dan Rossignol, MD, FAAFP

Dr. Rossignol received his MD degree at the Medical College of Virginia and completed his residency in family medicine at the University of Virginia. After both his children were diagnosed with autism, he made it his mission to research and publish on autism. Since 2006, he has 23 publications and 3 book chapters concerning autism and related conditions. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians (FAAFP) and is president of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS).

Richard E. Frye, MD, PhD

Richard Frye, MD, PhD is the Director of Autism Research and Associate Professor of Pediatrics at The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. He specializes in pediatric neurology disorders, including learning disabilities and dyslexia, autism, speech and language delay, attention deficit, tics and Tourette’s syndrome, sleep disorders, and epileptic encephalopathy. Dr. Frye is board certified in pediatrics and neurology and completed fellowships in behavioral neurology and psychology.

David Dornfeld, DO

David Dornfeld, DO, has been practicing Family Medicine for twenty-three years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical Family Medicine. He has developed a special interest in working with children that have Autism Spectrum Disorders. His experience encompasses all spectrums of Family Medicine, Spinal manipulation, Chelation Therapy, IV Infusion Therapy and Hyperbaric Therapies.

Kyle Van Dyke, MD

Kyle Van Dyke recieved his MD from the University of Chicago and completed his redsidency in Family Medicine at the University of Virginia. He is board certified in Family Medicine. He became involved in autism after the diagnosis of his son 7 years ago. His interests include clinical interventions, mitochondria, and hyperbaric therapy.

James Neubrander, MD

Dr. Neubrander graduated from medical school in 1975, is board certified in Environmental Medicine, the medical director of two entities, scientific advisor to several organizations, and a well-known speaker nationally and internationally. Since the mid-90s he has treated 4000-5000 children on the autism spectrum. He is known as the Father of Methyl-B12 and the innovator of HBOT protocols used to treat children with autism and other disorders.

Mother Determined Panel

This freewheeling panel will educate, inform, entertain, and inspire you. Learn directly from the Warrior Moms who are making a difference about what’s important to them, how they balance the demands placed upon them, and a hundred other things, including your questions.

Manisha M Lad, Bachelor in Science

Now i am I am a Nutrition Consultant and provide individualized dietary consultation based on whole foods, naturally prepared and tailored to each child’s unique needs. As a Nutrition Consultant my role is to help parents understand, prepare for, and implement whatever dietary prescription is recommended.

Catherine Masha

Received her B.S. in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin. In 2006, her youngest child was diagnosed with Autism, requiring countless hours of research to find effective and sustainable treatment options to give him the best life possible. In the process of healing her own child, many families came to her for guidance and support. Catherine’s Cause was formed to help them. Catherine has completed the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) clinician training.

Shelly Meier

Mother to Zane, who is 9 years old. Diagnosed with PDD.NOS when he was 33 months old. We started biomedical, O.T., Speech, P.T., ABA when he was 4. Zane's ATEC started at 78 and was down to 12 last summer. Zane is on an organic gfcfsf diet. He takes around 30 supplements per day. We are currently doing chelation, and hoping this will get him to the finish line in recovery. We have been healing Mito dysfunction, MTHFR mutation, oxidative stress, candida, heavy metals, leaky gut, allergies, among other issues.

Jeanna Reed

Jeanna Reed has been a Licensed Practical Nurse for the past 15 years. Her continued advocacy in the area of autism became crucial when her own child suffered medically from multi-system disorders, including autism. She has steadily focused her efforts on the complicated medical needs of this increasing patient population allowing for the formation of the Non Profit Autism Is Medical 501c3. She is currently co-founder and co-director of “AIM”, created to serve the medical needs of the autism community through education and awareness, highlighting equal access to health care and much needed support to this medically complex patient population.

Maria K. Janik

President of The Northwest Indiana Chapter of the National Autism Association Maria is the proud mother of Nathan and Joshua. Nathan and Joshua were diagnosed with severe autism in May 2006 at the ages of five and three. After much research and testing, Maria began biomedical interventions in April 2006 to reverse their children’s vaccine induced autism and improvements are still being seen.

Dana Gorman

Dana Gorman started DefeatAutismYesterday.org in 2002 as a portal for sharing as she learned from her son with autism. This evolved into THRiiiVE.com, which has hosted 11 summits with Top docs like Mercola, Klinghardt, Usman and hundreds more. The THRiiiVE Top Ten To Do List evolved from this process almost 7 years ago and has over 350 support videos.

Thalia Michelle

Thalia Michelle, MFA (also known as Tex TMR) is a co-author of the book "The Thinking Moms Revolution" and co-founder a blog and LLC by the same name. Thalia is mother to b/g twins, Lance and Trinity. Lance was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2008 at the age of three, and Thalia has been on a mission to restore his health and help him reach his highest potential ever since. As a professional actress on screen and stage, Thalia worked directly alongside Jane Fonda in creating the Performing Arts Program for Youth (PAPY) in Atlanta, Ga. The program continues to serve under privileged youth with a mission of teaching life skills through drama. Thalia's current work as an autism advocate includes speaking engagements, online media interviews, serving as video host and anchor for Autism One, and most currently, serving as co-producer of Horse Boy Fest and Rock 'n Horse Music Concert. Thalia's passion for permaculture and sustainable lifestyle choices drives her dream of someday opening a non-profit that would provide job for adults with autism by employing them to grow food using aquaponics right here in Austin, Texas.

How to Get Your Mainstream Physician ...

Mainstream medical practitioners see autism as a behavioral disorder and often overlook how sick our children really are.

Autism 299.00 BREAKING THE CODE: Paradigm Shift: Mental or Medical by Vicki Martin, RN, and Sonja Hintz, RN

Autism 299.00 BREAKING THE CODE: Paradigm Shift: Mental or Medical by Vicki Martin, RN, and Sonja Hintz, RN
(c) 2009 The Autism File

Autism 299:00 - Breaking the Code. Paradigm Shift: Mental or Medical by Vicki Martin, RN, & Sonja Hintz, RN, BSN

Autism 299:00 - Breaking the Code. Paradigm Shift: Mental or Medical by Vicki Martin, RN, and Sonja Hintz, RN, BSN.
(c) 2009 The Autism File