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Vote to give this idea $250K: Provide grants to families of children with autism for therapy. #pepsirefresh years 33 weeks ago
RT @wxchannel: REDESIGNED Each Retweet wxchannel gives $5 to United Way Gulf Recovery! Ts a... years 33 weeks ago
Is in Wildcat country so I feel the need to say Go Gators!! :) — 13 years 33 weeks ago
Get creative and make a birthday wish for Autism Speaks! #DT @autismspeaks13 years 33 weeks ago
Find an Autism Speaks Walk near you to raise awareness and funds for #autism research - #DT @autismspeaks13 years 34 weeks ago
@MilitaryAvenue EFMP gets posted a lot for Army but not the other branches?! — 13 years 35 weeks ago
TACA Talk About Curing Autism-Help, Hope & Support - Support - 10 Suggestions for Grandparents of Children with Autism years 35 weeks ago
@roccodispirito Setting it up to record, thanks! Need some low cal summer recipes for sure! — 13 years 35 weeks ago
@cafemom Carrots! :) — 13 years 35 weeks ago
Donate a Tweet a Day to Autism Speaks and help spread autism awareness! #DT@autismspeaks — 13 years 35 weeks ago