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Erik Nanstiel
About Me
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Upright or reclined. Oh, sexual orientation? LOL, Hetero!
Des Plaines, IL
Christian protestant
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Drink Only
BA in English
Iowa State University
Art Director/Graphic Designer/Videographer
A Little About Me: 

I'm a single father in Chicago's northwest suburbs, raising my 12 year old autistic daughter. By day, I'm a boring graphic designer at a small publisher... by night, I'm a father and warrior dad advocating for children like my daughter!

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

My daughter was injured by her vaccines. Our medical investigations into her health have proven that far beyond my observational suspicions when it first happened. I came to Autism One first via their conferences, in 2005 when we were filming content for AutismMedia.org. Every year the conference keeps getting better... and my friendships with those who run it and attend it continue to deepend. It's a great community of like-minded "warrior" parents!

What I am Here For: 
To network with other parents... and professionals, etc. for the good of the kids.
Autism Help / Accomplishments: 

I am President and Executive Director of the Foundation for Autism Information & Research, Inc. (a.k.a. "FAIR Autism Media) and I film most of its content and publish its website at AutismMedia.org

My Daily Motivations: 

I draw motivation from my severely-affected daughter, Miranda. When I look in her eyes... that bright, shining, pure spirit... all things under heaven become possible for her sake! I will fight until I am a fried and used-up shell of a human being if that's what it takes. These kids need healing. And they need justice. The truth lies within their bodies... and the world must know what has happened to them. I am grateful for my wonderful friends and family who not only understand... but SUPPORT us in this quest.

My goal is to see to it that recovery becomes possible for a majority of autism cases... that recovery is an OPTION for all those who seek it... and that we stop this global pandemic of autism COLD IN ITS TRACKS.
Help Needed: 
FAIR Autism Media desperately needs financial support. Creating independent media is expensive, but worth every penny for the people it serves. Please consider donating to FAIR at http://www.autismmedia.org/donate.html thanks!
Help to Give: 

I help the community through my advocacy... you can see my work at AutismMedia.org