10 months Update

We have hit the 10 month mark of chelation. We have come so far. Sammy is asking questions, giving hugs and kisses, pretending alittle. Sabrina is recovered to us. She still deals with yeast on her face but she typical in all areas. She starts regular preschool in a few weeks. Samantha is going to miss her.

Today as we were walking to the kitchen to get a drink she said 'I love you Mom' out of the blue.

The girls just finished 2 weeks of swimming lessons at the city pool. Sabrina passed and Sammy did not. Bob told me that Sabrina was diving off the side and swimming underwater to Bob. Sammy is still scared.

Samantha and Sabrina have all of us as princesses. I am Cinderella, Hayley is Arial, Sam is Bell, Taylor is Jasmine, Sabrina is Sleeping Beauty, Griffin is the Prince. I cleaned Hayley's side of the room and found Beauty and the Beast. I showed it to Sam and told her we would watch it at bed time. Griffin wanted to go to bed at 7 so I went to put Beauty and the Beast in the DVD player but it was not in the case. Later I told Sam that it was time for bed and she comes out with the disc of Beauty and the beast. Litte stinker took the movie out to watch when I was not looking. She fell asleep watching it. Sabrina is up as I write this. She got up and told Taylor that she could not sleep in the snoring room with Samantha and Griffin. Too funny!!


What wonderful progress the girls are making! So happy to hear that at least one passed swimming - it's such an important skill for our kids to learn.