Of Arrogance and Apathy

A portion of every one of my days, (except Sundays), is always spent digging ever deeper into the rabbit hole of ignorance, avarice, and arrogance, that is strangling the life out of this once great nation. It seems to me that these evils are boundless, and ever on the increase, as all the tyrants in any kind of position of authority abuse their power by seeking to control everything to their advantage. Believe me when I tell you that I am largely a starry eyed dreamer, so this kind of "cynicism" does not come easy to me. It is not something I enjoy, but instead something that produces a growing sinking feeling in my gut, as I balance my starry eyed optimism with daily reality checks. Understand right up front, that until I saw with my own eyes what was done to my own son, my one and only child, (see www.wyattswayhome.org), like so many other people in America today I was content at just doing my best to be happy and enjoy my life here on earth. While I've never been completely blind to the evils in the world, I used to at least try to close my eyes to things that I thought were too painful or too hopeless. But that was then, and this is now. Those were the days of "Ozzie and Harriet" (so sad a day for me to learn that David, the last of the TV Nelsons just died). Those were the days of fun with a family whose parents were immigrants living the "American Dream" when it was still so possible for so many. I did my best to cling to those happy childhood days of the fifties for as long as I could as an adult. But what happened to my son Wyatt, propelled me on a path of relentlessly learning every thing I can about the how and why of what happened to him, along with about a million other kids like him in America alone.

Today, the questions I keep asking myself over and over are, How and why is all of this horrible stuff happening to us? And perhaps even more importantly, Why are we allowing it to continue? The answers to the first questions, the how and why of what's happening to us, are far easier for me to understand, then the answers to the question of why we are allowing the destructive trends to continue. You don't have to be an Einstein to know that greed for money and power has all but totally consumed virtually every major industry out there... The Centralized Food Industry will not rest until they have come up with every conceivable means to poison us even further with the barrage of cheap and fake food, and genetically modified garbage that feeds nothing except their bottom lines. The Pharmaceutical Industry is literally foaming at the mouth over the prospects of cleaning up with their bottomless appetite for creating more drugs to manage symptoms created by both the rotten food we eat, and all the poisons that they themselves can inject us with on top of all the poisonous food. The sickness for profit Medical Industry, in their complete ignorance, and even downright arrogance, thinks that they are the "Gods" that are going to take care of all of our problems with their technology and all the "wonder drugs" that they can push out the door for their partners in Big Pharma. All the while, the CDC and the FDA do everything that they can to push this whole agenda along and keep it going until they have even more absolute control, and none of us can even eat food from a local farmer without their "blessing", which of course they will not give. Don't believe me? It's already happening. Check out the new wonder legislation called the Food Modernization Safety Act (S510) and how it is just another step in the direction of telling you what you can or can not eat for food. So much of what I see, in the course of any day, shows me how perilously close we are coming to losing every single constitutional right to choose what we want for health, even right down to what we want to eat. How many people out there truly WANT to eat genetically modified food? Yet we are being increasingly forced into it on a daily basis. How many of us WANT to be sick, weak, and diseased for half or more of our lives as the result of rotten food topped off with even more rotten drugs that shamelessly put band-aids on our bodies as they fall apart before we even reach half of what we should be living to with excellent health? Any hands? Yet there is nowhere near enough of even complaining about it. We continue to line up for the garbage food, and the garbage medical "treatment" forced on us by the dictatorial food industry, and a medical industry that thrives on payments from an insurance industry that refuses to pay for anything not acceptable to the existing sickness monopolies. The whole mess is an almost unbelievable house of cards built on ignorance, greed, and arrogance. Ignorance because many of the people working in these industries are good people who have basically been brainwashed by the incredible tonnage of propaganda created by the truly greedy and arrogant in order to control the masses. The arrogance comes from those within this whole system who actually are convinced that their beloved technology in medicine and food can really improve on the natural biology of humans. Just how arrogant is it to go around thinking that we can improve the natural biological functioning of the human body with artificial chemicals, artificial compounds, and artificial food? Last time I checked, these people did not create the human body to begin with, so why would I want to blindly swallow all their crap? Oh for sure, 300 years after the fact, it is now common knowledge that vitamin C cures Scurvy. So why is it that the FDA is now trying to enforce a ban on you taking a shot of Vitamin C in the arm to try and treat sickness? Where is all their proof that doing so could be harmful even if you decided to exercise your God given right to do so? Of course there is none, and there never will be any real proof to such a ridiculous claim.

In addition to the ignorance and arrogance of our vaunted, and yet failing systems, is the unbounded greed of those at the top who will not be satisfied until they have complete and total control of the entire population. By spending incomprehensible amounts of money, (and yet only a fraction of what they are actually worth), they have already managed to control the government that was once founded on principles of individual freedom. I find it so hard to believe that there are still people out there who do not realize how completely the interests of all these large corporations and industries have taken over Washington. The federal government has been carefully manipulated into turning over the authority to make laws and policy to tyrannical bureaucrats, who have never even been elected by the people at all, but whose federally granted totalitarian power has gone to their heads to the point where they are completely and criminally insane in more cases then I could even begin to list.

Finally in this whole mess I come to the last, but perhaps most important, point I want to make with this piece. In the face of all the incredible horrors that are being heaped on us, we still have an incredibly huge amount of sheer APATHY! As I said before, I am much more the optimist, than the pessimist, and this is by determined choice. But I also must admit that it is hard for me to get through any day without wondering whether or not the forces of evil have done their job so well that we will never wake up enough in time to prevent our own destruction. I'm convinced that the truly evil people at the top, the ones who are boundless in their blind greed for power and money, fancy that they will have the world to themselves when we who oppose them are all dead, and the sooner the better as far as they are concerned. To their warped minds, there are too many people in the world anyway. I'm not a vindictive person in any way, nor do I condone violence of any kind, but I would much rather see all the evil gone, as opposed to all the good and largely innocent people on the planet. Make no mistake about it. We are in a war against evil whether we like it or not, and we can not stay comfortably silent forever without hastening our own demise. We must use every peaceful and legal means, granted us by the Constitution, to unite and in a very loud and clear voice demand that politicians and government return to true service of the people's best interests, instead of taking the position that we are all too stupid to know what is good for us.

So at the end of this day, like all of my days, I end it with my determined choice to remain optimistic that good will triumph over evil by our unwavering and fearless presentation of truth. May God inspire many more to get involved and take up the fight.

Jessica Marchant

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David, you and I, are in a

David, you and I, are in a way, kindred spirits. We grew up in a post WWII-period when anything seemed possible and the good guys always won. Much is different 50-odd years later.

I will not attempt to answer your questions, here - although I think about many of the same issues.

The rupture between good and bad seems to shift on a daily basis. But on a practical level I welcome the bare-knuckle assault. Who would have guessed Anderson Cooper was such a wholly-headed know-nothing until he identified himself with a flourish - a mouthpiece for pharma.

In the 1960s I was a big fan of George Wallace. He proudly identified himself as an enemy to the better interests of the county and as such I could vote against him at every opportunity.

Much of the mainstream media and other vested interest groups are doing the same today. They are predicting the future based on out-of-date ideas from the past.

Anderson Cooper does not realize his career as a journalist is over. The same bleak future is in store for other ardent believers in the crucifixion of Andy Wakefield.

Paul Offit will face his twilit years answering legal subpoenas – his fortune spent trying to “restore” his good name. The name “Brian Deer” will become synonymous with lying and cowardice.

I know this does not address your fundamental questions, but there are answers.