Let's put blame where blame belongs!

I was immediately enraged after reading the latest personal assault on Dr. Andy Wakefield, (which is nothing more than a rehash of the same old assault, and an embarrassing attempt to get more mileage out of it). I opened up my non monopoly word processor, (Open Office, not MS Word), and began pounding out my rage at the incredible evil of the big monopoly, the Sickness For Profit industry. But alas, that piece is not fit for display here, (or anywhere really), so after cooling down a bit, I had this flash of insight… Maybe, a lot of us out here in the trenches of the battle against the man made Autism epidemic are taking the wrong approach.

Just maybe, instead of a frontal assault on vaccines, the battle should be against all Allopathic medicine which is failing miserably on all fronts against disease. We continue to get sicker the longer we follow their advice. Want to add ten years to your life immediately? Stay away from doctors. As a group, they all die 10 years before the rest of us, so why should we blindly trust everything they have to say? I have a personal case in point other than my son, who will soon be completely free from any symptoms of Autism. (Through Homeopathy, and nothing to do with main stream medicine). Fifteen years ago I suddenly came down with something that was exactly like having a urinary tract infection. It was horrible. Painful, burning urination, combined with an uncontrollable urge to go that would hit every 15 minutes or so no matter where I was or what I was doing. It quickly got so bad, that I had to carry my pilot’s urinal in the car with me just to run uptown to the post office or whatever. Despite the complete mistrust of doctors and hospitals that I had even way back then, I dragged myself off to one, to at least try to get some idea of what had gone wrong. After many tests at what is supposed to be one of the best medical facilities in the country, Dartmouth Hitchcock in Hanover NH, the verdict came in. I had something called Interstitial Cystitis, which has “no known cause, and no known cure”. I can’t tell you how many times just in my own life that I have seen them resort to what now seems to be their standard litany… “No known cause, no known cure. But here, take these drugs, they might help”. Just how lame can you get? Obviously, I was not in the least impressed with their assessment of my situation, so I went home and began doing some research. It wasn’t long before I discovered that just maybe this condition is the result of my PH level becoming way too acidic. Since the high and mighty Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center would have never stooped so low as to check something as ridiculous as my PH level, I learned the proper way to do a simple morning saliva PH test at home. Low and behold, my PH consistently averaged around 5.8 to 6.0 over five mornings in a row. Hmmmm. Let me put my Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center ultra PHD MD blah blah cap on and think about this. What on God’s earth could possibly counteract acid, and get my PH back to where it should be? With all the extensive letters after my name.. (NOT), it takes me a fraction of a second to know that I needed a truly bizarre and rare substance called Calcium. As tough as it was to find this stuff, find it at my local market I did, and began gobbling huge amounts of it in foods and high quality supplements, (the latter NOT found in supermarkets). Three months later, my PH normalized, and just by some weird “coincidence” my Interstitial Cystitis disappeared and has never returned. Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center would no doubt call this a miracle with no known cause and no known cure. The only use they could possibly have for any kind of curing is something called education to cure their ignorance. And I’m supposed to look up at these poor fools like they are some kind of Gods because of all the letters after the names?!! What utter nonsense.

So, let’s put blame where blame belongs. The bottom line is that there is not much that main stream medicine is getting right. The only thing they do well is trauma care, and that is exactly what they should be limited to. Let those who practice actual healing medicine take over all other aspects of health care. Let's reduce hospitals to emergency care, by replacing them with practices that actually work at making us healthy. Let's educate, educate, educate, EVERYONE that they do not have to be sick their whole life, and then die horribly decrepit and painfully diseased. There really are better ways to live. We really can become a healthy nation with life expectancies of 120 to 140 like we are supposed to have. What it is going to take is for a lot more people to start really having their eyes opened to how mainstream crap care is killing us all. It’s not just the vaccines, it’s everything they are doing including the vaccines that is totally harmful to the natural workings of the human body. We must educate, educate, educate, that these people do not know what they are doing, but also that there are many others out there that actually DO know what they are doing, and who DO offer real help for all the horrific health problems that have been inflicted on them by big pharma, the medical world, the CDC, The FDA, and the food industry.

I would love to see us start taking the CDC, FDA, Big Pharma, and food industries to court on a large scale and prosecuting them all for the wanton destruction they are causing. It was done on a small scale to the tobacco industry, but not nearly enough. We need to magnify that. We also need to find ways of taking the federal government to court to get back our true constitutional rights to freedom of speech, and true medical freedom. Is there no way of suing them for breaking the law of the constitution? There must be ways, and if not, then we must make new laws that will allow it. Maybe a way to get the ball rolling on this could be to stage demonstrations outside of hospitals to point out how many people are killed there each year due to drugs and negligence?

I hate monopolies. Let’s all work extra hard this year towards the goal of busting the sickness for profit monopoly into a million tiny little pieces. Let’s work towards turning hospitals into places that perform the things that they really are good at, like trauma, lab diagnostics, and burn centers for example. Either that or they must be forced, kicking and screaming all the way no doubt, into truly changing for the better. They must be forced into seeing the benefit of providing ALL forms and modalities of healing, and become committed to truly doing no harm. There are some places you can go where you can see the beginnings of this happening. If you have Cancer, and go to a place like the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, you are treated far differently than most other large hospitals. Just go to their home page (http://www.cancercenter.com/) to see what I mean. The third sentence there talks about their “integrated approach”
(http://www.cancercenter.com/integrative-treatment.cfm). Click on that and they talk to you about things like nutrition. Horrors! They also talk to you about using Naturopathy. Blasphemy! Quackery! Seriously though, when you look at things like this it begs the question… Why is it OK for them to use things like nutrition and Naturopathy for healing, but it’s definitely NOT OK for anyone else? Oh sorry, I forgot we are still dealing with the huge sickness for profit monopoly. Why is it that they can preach about the virtues of their “integrated approach” while most other places within their own profession call stuff like that nonsense while telling you that they can't do anymore to help you? Why is it that every single doctor out there is NOT talking about the importance of nutrition, or investigating other methods of achieving a restoration to health? Because they simply have too much ego to lose. Because they simply can not admit that they are doing wrong, and have been pursuing a wrong course of action for decades, and because, (in their utterly mistaken belief), there is just way too much money to be lost if they were to do that. The sad irony is that most people would gladly pay a good deal of money for services that actually worked, as opposed to paying for something that gets them dead a whole lot quicker.

To truly do no harm, hospitals and doctors must be forced to let go of all of their completely unnatural and barbaric ways of “treating” the human body. I am convinced, that if mankind lives another thousand years, the period of “modern medicine” that we are now in will be looked at in hindsight as being like something out of the dark ages. Future generations and historians will look back at much of what was inflicted on mankind in the name of “modern medicine” as being on a par with bloodletting, and using leeches to suck out poisons. Actually using leeches to suck out poisons might be an improvement for the sorry state of drug crazy hospitals. At least it would be acknowledging that poisons are responsible for the problems, something that most of them never even want to consider. Sure enough, some hospitals do have toxicology departments. But what are they being used for, and on whom? They certainly do not use them to determine the toxins that are causing such huge epidemics like Autism.

Just think for a moment of the possibilities that will open up to us when we are successful at changing the sickness for profit industry into a truly integrated system of using ALL of the things that really work at achieving healing, while discarding all the harsh and toxic things that kill us. Oh my God! But what would happen to our beloved insurance industry, if we all get to the point of not even needing health insurance to pay for the junk we no longer need?!!

Oh well. Guess they will just have to suck it up and change for the better too. But that's another whole story.

Dave Snyder

What a great blog! I totally

What a great blog! I totally agree. If pharma can't make money it doesn't exist/work - food, nutrition, etc. Keep up the great work.