A Conversation of Hope


Adults on the Autism Spectrum Today!

This radio show will focus on events that have impacted the lives of individuals and families affected by autism. We will discuss issues that will excite and sometimes incite. In either event we will not merely discuss what happened but more importantly why it happened or is happening. In the end we will try to leave our listeners with a sense of hope for the future and clear direction on how to set a course, going forward, so that adults with autism have choice and opportunities to live fulfilled lives in society today!

All Things Autism: What's Going On Now

Candyce Estave is a wife and mom. She has two children, one child has an autism diagnosis. She is an advocate, activist, who has worked to educate families in the way of Special Education Services and Supports on a local level. She has opened her home for support groups, coordinated educational events, participated in local, state, and national non-profits. Candyce is an Americorps volunteer, tutoring children in the classroom. In 2014, she received the President's award for her volunteer time.

Autism in the Family

It is not easy to be the parent of a child with autism. Autism affects the entire family. This program in Spanish is presented by Emily Iland, the mother of a young man with autism, author, and leader in the autism field. We will discuss subjects that are important to your family, like understanding and accepting autism, explaining autism to others (including siblings), and even explaining autism to the person who has it. This program offers hope, inspiration and practical suggestions for managing life with autism.

Autism in Transition

How can you help create a good future for your child with autism as he or she grow ups? Don’t leave the future to chance! Join host Emily Iland, the mother of a young man with autism, author, and leader in the autism field, to discuss important considerations in creating a brighter future your child (or adult child), and things you can do to make it happen. Topics will include life after high school, safety, relationships and work.

Autism: Help, Hope, and Healing

Features engaging interviews with doctors, researchers, and parents offering the timeliest insights to helpful biomedical treatments. Programs alternate between doctors and researchers presenting treatments followed by a program where parents and patients report their experience.

Autismo En La Familia (Autism in the Family) con Emily Iland, M.A

No es fácil ser padre de un hijo con autismo. El autismo afecta a toda la familia. Este programa en español es presentado por Emily Iland, la madre de un joven con autismo, autora, y líder en el campo del autismo. En el primer programa hablamos de temas importantes en familia, como entender y aceptar el autismo, Este programa ofrece esperanza, inspiración y sugerencias prácticas de cómo manejar la vida con autismo.