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Will wrote:
14 years 32 weeks ago

Hi Richard
Let me extend to you my personal welcome to our AutismOne Social Network.
First, let me remark that's a cute little Yankee fan sitting in the chair. :-)
AutismOne is now the “one-stop-shopping center” for information about autism. We have the annual conference in Chicago, AutismOne radio, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and now the AutismOne Social Network (and more to come).
Thank you for filling in your profile entries as these help people with common interests find you.
Helping you interact with others is one of the many things we can do for you. Now here’s something you can do for us. Every new community requires a good hard kick start to get going. We need you to help us with that. Log in on a regular basis and read the blogs and articles then write a blog yourself. It can be on any subject of interest to you, preferably with some relevance to autism but not necessarily. It can be short or long, whatever it takes for you to express your thoughts. If you have a question then ask it in a blog--people read then they respond. If you see something with which you agree or disagree then please add a comment with your thoughts. This is an open community designed to help and support. We like to hear all sides.
I am looking forward to reading your opinions in future blogs and/or articles.
With my best regards
Will Price, CFO

Rhonda Brunett (not verified) wrote:
14 years 32 weeks ago


I wanted to welcome you to the Autism One.
By becoming an active participant you can support and inspire others. Your sharing experience can lift other parents to help them move forward on this path. Autism can be challenging and puzzling. You can make a difference; together we can effectively resolve issues in a collaborative manner by addressing questions and providing feedback.
My son Jordan has made remarkable progress so please don’t ever give up hope!
Feel free to share your thoughts, stories and wisdom for we are all in this together.
To quote, Brandi Snyder: “To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.”
Should you need any further assistance or information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rhonda Brunett
Autism One International Inc. Chicago Liaison

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