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Intimacy Issues

TannersDad Lays it on the line. Autism & the House.

It is one thing to be rejected by your partner but after losing my job again, again, again... Let's just say I have lost track, I think my right hand has decided to kick me out of bed. I am not worthy We are not worthy. I am not going to pass the buck and write a woe is me post. No this is a larger view. The setting on this stage is on a backdrop of a family dealing with Heart attacks, Autism, & Unemployment but that just is the little punch in the gut that gets me thinking. Where does the Male go to find strokes for that once mighty ego?

Divorce and Autism: They don’t have to go hand in hand. A father’s struggle to heal his son, his family and beat the odds

Let me introduce myself. I’m Emerson Donnell. Born and raised in New Jersey I waited until my 40’s to have a child. Little did I know I was a perfect match, a statistical poster of the typical parent who sires an autistic child, (an older white male living in New Jersey, the state with the highest incidence of autism.) And little did I know after the birth of my son Emerson that my wife Jen and I were being railroaded right into the next widely accepted statistic. Supposedly over 80% of marriages that sire an autistic child end in divorce. Some even say it’s more like 85%.

How Does Your Garden Grow

How does your garden grow?
By Leslie McCann

I realize the metaphor is corny, but I can’t help but indulge in the analogy… just for a moment.

Autism and relations

My name is Wim Styleman and I am living on the north of Belgium. I am 29 years old and leading a normal every day life with my girlfriend and my dog.

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Letting Go! The Journey back to ...

Along the road toward recovery, a parent/caregiver finds their sense of grace and dignity has taken a back seat to the health and well being of their child.