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Back to School

We're getting geared up to send my autistic granddaughter (PPD-NOS) to first grade. This means a whole new team and a whole new school & environment. One plus is that she has been to the school before several times & her granddad works there, so most of the faculty & staff are familiar with her. She probably has back-slid a little over the summer despite continuing speech & OT therapies as most kids. It will be interesting to see how she reacts to getting back into the routine of going to school. One new thing we have in our arsenal is an ACD called a "Tango".


It's been a while since I posted anything anywhere. Life's been even more crazy than usual. I posted this to my public blog, and thought I'd cross-post here.

It’s times like these that I always default to the plaintive cry of Rodney King: “Can we all just get along?”

College and Autism Beginning the Process and Finding the Right Fit


This past Christmas while we were visiting some close friends, their oldest son Ben was in the process of researching colleges and had narrowed his search down to three choices. Ben is brilliant and one of his three choices was Yale but that is beside the point. He had done his homework and was so informed on each school, it was very impressive.
Driving home that evening, I started to think about Ben’s conversation. I would love see Jordan attain that social skill. I would love to see Jordan talk amongst his peers about his college choices.

Special Mom

Today is Tuesday July 28th and my twin 5 year old boys, Spiro and Peter are still sleeping, while I have a little quiet time to write this. They are the light of my life. Before I had kids I used to be afraid of getting old. I wished that I could have a family and be busy so as not to think about it so much. Well, I did get married and had my beautiful boys and everything was wonderful and BUSY, but still wonderful. Boy did I get my wish. I became so busy, that, getting old was a fleeting thought now, not something I dwelled on anymore. The first 18 months of their life was amazing.



LOS ANGELES, CA. Generation Rescue and AutismOne are delighted to announce their partnership to better meet the needs of the autism community in order to help children and educate parents and medical professionals. Based on shared values and each organization’s expertise the alliance will provide creative and innovative solutions to many of the autism, ADHD and chronic illness community’s most pressing problems.

Mrs Lieutenanant Article Please support Military families dealing with Autism

I did a guest blog post for the blog Mrs. Lieutenant. I think AutismOne should be a central location to get information and links to our world of advocacy and support. I am asking that all of you please support my effort to get an audience with Michelle Obama for Angela Warner Warrior Mom advocate for Military families dealing with Autism. We must do more....

The Real Reason why autism was left off of universal health care!

First, let me say I am a die-hard political partisan. . . for anything and anyone who benefits our kids!! It does not matter to me if there is a D or an R or any other label after a person's name. If they support children with autism, and their families, then I vote for them or support their efforts. So it is amazing to me that as we have listened to Congress haggle on Universal Health Care, it has become obvious that the real crux of the matter is not who to provide health care to--but rather who to deny.

“How My Daughter Escaped the Abyss of Autism”

GFCF MFG Company soon to open will change everything in terms of products. More to follow, but keep an eye out for a new start-up venture in MA that will be opening around 11/1. An article will soon appear in "Living Without" that will shed light on my youngest daughter's success with "the Diet" and how she went from the abyss of autism to getting close to saying goodbye forever to the monster that once tried to devour her soul, only to be slain by a mother who said, "Not my child."

Autism, We Need to Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Educators!

In Jordan's freshman year of high school due to extreme frustration with his math teacher, I ended up writing a letter to the Principle and copied the Superintendent! High school has been a challenge that's for sure, it's way different than dealing with middle school teachers. I find I have to scream to be heard at the high school level in middle school I only had to whisper. Jordan's Sophomore year wasn't much better, I won't back down, and you shouldn't back down either what's that slogan? Just bring it!

Dear Mr. Principle,
Dear Mr. Superintendant,

Vegetarian/Vegan Lifestyle: Help Please

I am an active 78-year young guy with the very good fortune of being in excellent health. For my entire life I've been a meat eater--nothing like a good steak. Most recently I've been doing considerable reading about nutrician, in particular about plant-based diet vs animal-based diet. I've reached the conclusion that the best way to prolong my active life style is by moving to a vegetarian diet, or even to vegan, I would be grateful for comments from others. For instance, is there any great advantage to vegan over vegetarian? Are there dangers for someone my age to make such a shift?