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New Film

Hi All,

I was just on my MySpace site and I found this film. I thought I would share it with y'all. It made me cry. But, in a good way. Enjoy!!!

Faith, Love & Hope,


Autism One 2009... another great experience

Just packing up now as Autism One comes to a close. It has been another wonderful year and I am so glad I was able to bring all my kids and husband this year. My older boys are 14 and 13. Soon they will be choosing educational pathways that will lead them to a career. I thought I would bring them this year so they could learn a little bit about biomedicine. I didn't make them go to any of the presentations, I just wanted them here to see that this is real and to give them some direction towards choosing (hopefully) a career in biomedicine.

PERSISTANCE does pay off! Top 10 supports for Autism (THRiiive) creates incredable change for Jezeriah!

In October 2005 we were blessed with our youngest bundle of JOY Jezeriah! At just 4 weeks old Jezeriah arrived at our home. The sweetest fair haired infant I had ever layed eye on! What a truly incredable gift from GOD! Jezeriah has down syndrome and his family felt they could not give him all that was necessary to thrive and develop. So our family dedicated to advancing and believing in all differences, received him with an open and believing heart! In the first few weeks Jezeriah lifted his head and soon began to bear weight on his arms to push himself up.

First Autism One Conference First Impressions

Wow Wow and Wow. My mind is spinning. I met, heard, and saw so many real Autism Advocates today. I am just overwhelmed. I was able to be around at set up on Wednesday night. I was able to see a few speakers on Thursday. Today the conference was in full swing. I was able to actually have conversations with the people doing the research, fighting the legal battles, writing the blogs, selling the supplements, selling support services, writing the books, and those parents that are helping their children with Autism.

Jenny McCarthy's Friday AutismOne Appearance

The AutismOne Convention goers were pleasantly surprised to have Jenny McCarthy on-site to sign autographs, take pictures and get to re-acquainted with friends from last year.

Welcome One and All!

Whether you could make it to the conference or are just starting to follow from home we plan on bringing you great information and a good time here in Chicago.

A story from the heart!

I am a single mom who adopted 4 children considered different. Jonathan is 19 with autism/down syndrome, Charissa is 12 and major mood swings with food!, Chanysse is 8 with achondroplasia/arnold chiari/spina bifida and Jezeriah 3.5 year old with autism/down syndrome. I have had to give up my career as a special Ed teacher because my son Jonathan's ongoing health issues. Jonathan has polyuria and severe swelling of the kidneys. This has come to light more recently! Before I was told that my son had urological issues.

The Water Bottle

The Water Bottle

This past weekend I was at an Autism Event. As I watched the children run around the football field flapping their hands, and having a sensory experience with the thunderous music and soft grass on their bare feet. I was smiling all day about what I get to experience everyday…the joy that these special children bring.


Hello, my name’s Wade, and I’m a blogger. (All together now: Hi Wade.)

Heading to Autism One

Tomorrow morning I will be heading out for Autism One. So excited to meet contacts I have made in the community and attend the many seminars.